Live To Love pirates have mutinied against plastic - July 2017

During our action in July, the Live To Love pirates have mutinied against plastic and boarded the Elbe beach at Övelgönne on Sunday. In spite of Hamburg´s foul weather, many children and young people cleaned with great enthusiasm and wonderful comments the bank and the beach area of plastic and other rubbish.

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Infobooth at the "Green Mile" of the Altonale streetfestival - July 2017

At our info-booth at the "Green Mile" of the Altonale streetfestival, we learned in numerous conversations during the weekend that currently many people are paying attention to the topic plastic and the avoidance of plastic. Accordingly, there was a lot of interest in our environmental actions , in particular in our forthcoming plastic-garbage clean-up "Mutiny on the banks of the Elbe".

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A new chicken house for the animal sanctuary Sol Luna - June 2017

During our Live To Love action in June, we set up a new residence for the chicken at the animal sanctuary Sol Luna. An old sauna from prefabricated parts was rebuilt in a shady place, equipped with compartments for nests and was also freshly painted. The small henhouse also received a suitable coat of paint and shone in new splendour.

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Action on the animal sanctuary in Barlt - May 2017

On Sunday we visited the animal sanctuary in Barlt. At the beginning of the action we were able to hand over a generous pet-food-donation of Heimtierpartner Zoo-Markt Alsterdorf and also from the Tierbar in Eimsbüttel. Dogs and cats of course immediately got treat samples, while the horses were spoilt with carrots and apples.

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Planting two new black populars near the Osterbek - March 2017

In the renaturation area along the Osterbek-creek, in cooperation with the NABU Hamburg, we have planted two black poplars at our action in March. With the disappearing of the alluvial forests and flooding areas the black poplar vanished from our landscapes. Today she is on the red list of threatened species, in Germany there are only about 3000 trees left.

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