Doing good with your interest

You can also support the Live To Love Germany foundation with a donator loan. With a donator loan you provide the foundation over a period from 5 to 10 years interest-free with a certain amount. The Live To Love Germany foundation can manage in this period with the money you have loaned and can advance the issues of the foundation with it. At the end of the appointed period the loaned amount will be payed back to you. The payback will be covered by our house bank, who assumes security for it.

You have a manifold benefit from this:

Your money is literally invested meaningfully!
You help the foundation activating the issues of the foundation through the return, which the foundation earns with the money in this period.
There is no risk at all since the amount of loan is secured by the house bank of the foundation.
You do not have to pay taxes for accruing interest.

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