2014 Gyalwang Drukpa - Visit in the sign of happiness

It was a visit full of inspiring, lively and moving highlights. The Gyalwang Drukpa visited Hamburg this year on the occasion of the formation of the foundation Live To Love Germany, to celebrate the historic moment together with everyone. In doing so he contributed in his talks and appearances to a deeper understanding of the message of Live To Love. In numerous encounters he touched the heart of many people with his lively and humorous freshness.

Kick-off to his visit was an exciting dialog with the artist Sophie Molitoris. The Gyalwang Drukpa shared very openly moments from his life and delivered insight into his multifaceted commitment. This dialog was the introduction to a truthfully historic moment: The foundation Live To Love Germany was officially established in a ceremony on Wednesday. The Gyalwang Drukpa presented together with the president Gianna Wabner the certificates to the initial founders.

In the following talk he showed the spiritual background for „Founding Happiness“ and explained, how everyone created happiness with this investment and has thereby invested also in the own future. After that the Gyalwang Drukpa addressed all who are volunteering for Live To Love and thereby contribute to the „gross happiness product“ – both for others and for oneself. This service for the benefit of others broadens knowledge, fosters social skills and new skills can be developed. As another highlight the Dutch band ENorm presented the Gyalwang Drukpa and the guests their official „Live To Love song“ for the first time – almost everybody had to leave their seats, wanted to stand and move, carried along by the context and beat.

The visitors followed the public talk: “Love Is Action“ with open hearts, in which the Gyalwang Drukpa told the message of Live To Love: Out of true compassion for all beings the impulse to act grows quite naturally. And by way of the action the love is expressed – the way to happiness.

Thursday was much influenced by encounters and exchange. The Hamburger auxiliary bishop Dr Hans Jochen Jaschke received the Gyalwang Drukpa and his entourage for an interreligious dialog at the diocese at the Mariendom. Young people would orient themselves more and more towards extremist movements, was said introductorily in the dialog. The reason for this is to be seen in the wish for a great change in life, both stated. For this peace has not only to be declared, but one has to act peacefully also.

The Gyalwang Drukpa emphasized the importance to live spirituality – not only through accumulation of teachings in religion. Only by acting practically the inner sight of spirituality could be developed. Both summarized in a résumé that the most important aspect of all religions is love.

From the Mariendom it went to the Elbe-workshops. They belong to the 20 biggest companies in Hamburg. Here are working about 3,200 mentally or psychically handicapped people. The company distinguishes itself through numerous sustainable projects, dignified working conditions and a respectful social intercourse.

The staff greeted the Gyalwang Drukpa, who got to know the working premises by going on a round tour and who was moved by the affectionate encounters, with great joy and a song of welcome.

Finish and absolute highlight of the day was the panel discussion at the Patriotische Gesellschaft, moderated by the author and filmmaker Maria von Blumencron.

Well-known guests as Dr Eva Wlodarek (psychologist, author and coach for the topic happiness), Sophie Molitoris (casting awardee for the topic art and culture), Jacqueline Straub (theologian for the topic women in the church), Dr Geseko von Lüpke (journalist and author for the topic deep ecology) as well as Michael Fritz (founding member of Viva con Aqua for the topic water and environment protection) discussed in a deeply inspiring way ”mindfulness and happiness” - the connection between education, environment protection and peace.

The lively discussions caused an immense reaction from the audience and many asked for a repetition of such an event.


   Fotos: copyright Agnes Forsthuber

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