Live To Love the earth: The Gyalwang Drukpa visits Berlin

Climate change, pollution, digitization, exploitation of resources - more than ever before, society faces challenges which have a global impact. On which values ​​can a secure future be built? To answer these and other questions, the Gyalwang Drukpa visited Berlin from November 12 to 15 on the initiative of Gianna Wabner, President of the Live To Love - Germany Foundation. He had numerous interviews and met personalities who are committed tirelessly for a sustainable and secure future.

The visit kicked off with an inspirational exchange with Prof. Dr. Maja Göpel and Dr. Carsten Loose - the Secretary General and her deputy to the WBGU, the German Advisory Council on Global Change. The question was how a sustainable change to protect nature can be established.

The Gyalwang Drukpa emphasized the importance of compassion. Likewise, a holistic insight would be required. Creating an understanding of trees, nature and, ultimately, all living beings - this would be the true great compassion and especially with this the topic of education was more important than ever.


Maja Göpel emphasized that everyone needs an understanding and every individual contribution counts - no matter how small it might be. At present, there is a lack of awareness and many resigned in the face of the climate problems. Carsten Loose highlighted the misunderstanding of nature as an "enemy". It would rather be about taking care of nature and giving something back.

Immediately afterwards it continued at the Change Congress 19: The Gyalwang Drukpa was invited for an Interview with Christoph Bertling, Managing Director of Handelsblatt Fachmedien GmbH, in which he presented inspiring approaches to a sustainable corporate philosophy.

It depends on the motivation: making money just for yourself or with a larger perspective, also helping others? Companies would often like to take big steps, but forget the little ones.

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The Gyalwang Drukpa called for people to focus on the well-being of the country, on clean cities, on nature, on health - and less on their own benefit. Especially leaders would be responsible in this regard. Business as Happiness: By making others happy, you yourself can get happy.

Two hearts beat for the future of the earth

Another highlight of the Gyalwang Drukpa´s visit to Berlin was the meeting with Luisa Neubauer, one of the main organizers of Fridays for Future in Germany. He paid great respect to her for the tremendous effort the movement has made.

More and more people are becoming aware of the manmade climate change and would be willing to change their behavior, which the Fridays for Future movement obviously has made a big contribution to.

Luisa Neubauer emphasized how important it is for her generation to act consciously and in conjunction with the heart. The current protest should not be just a temporary fashion. It would be important to establish a real change. However, seeing what has been going on since Fridays for Future's first day of protest would be giving her a lot of energy.

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The Gyalwang Drukpa talked about his efforts to work for the preservation of the earth and the motivation to establish Live To Love. Because education is a key factor in raising awareness, he also shared his views on the Drukpa Padma Karpo School which he has founded in Ladakh, northeastern India, where children are taught to act sustainably.

In the meantime, the children would pass on the knowledge they had gained to their parents and thus a new awareness of the climate crisis would grow throughout the region.

Interviews: Climate and environmental protection as well as equal rights

The Geo-editor Vivian Pasquet and the freelance photographer Nadja Wohlleben conducted an interview with the Gyalwang Drukpa and the accompanying nun Lopön Jigme Tingdzin Zangmo about the Cycling Yatras for Peace.

At these months long events, the Kung Fu nuns ride thousands of kilometers through the Himalayas on mountain bikes to educate the population about the need for environmental protection and the looming dangers of human trafficking.

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Equally exciting: the encounter with Lukas Haas, who conducted an interview for the newspaper "Der Tagesspiegel".

The Gyalwang Drukpa described the philosophy of his efforts to protect the environment and how important it would be to realize that we are dependent on the elements - clean air for breathing and pure water for drinking – in order to stay healthy.

The key to meaningful action is education, in order to be able to actively lead by example. Then one has a choice and can take upon responsibility and give one's own life a positive direction.

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Portrait of the Gyalwang Drukpa, Tagesspiegel 17.12.2019

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