Fundraising campaigns

It is our concern to raise funds for our projects through our own campaigns and also to establish lasting fundraising possibilities.

With the successive building of a micro-fundraising structure initially a worthy framework was created for all those who really wanted to donate for urgent projects, but only had a small income.

Fellow humans were invited to engage with commodity contributions which were sold on local flea markets in order to transfer the proceeds to the projects. By this means not only redundant property was transferred into flowing energy.

We have expanded the set of people in this context continually: from the Live To Lovers on to the families, friends, colleagues and the immediate neighborhood.

In this way a solid base has been build on which, since the existence of Live To Love, we support the international projects, urgent actions for aid and regional initiatives with rather small sums but at least continually. In this personal and direct way also many new contacts have been made.

Our experience proves that a grassroots-PR which is growing organically, after a certain point in time constitutes a solid power, taking effect not only by word-of-mouth-recommendations.

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