... has its headquarters in Hamburg and has been dedicated to various international and national projects since 2007. With the successful staging of the visits of the Gyalwang Drukpa in Hamburg many important impetuses have been given and Live To Love in Germany has received a lot of publicity.

Gianna Wabner, President of Live To Love Germany, manages all activities. Agnes Forsthuber, the second chairperson of Live To Love Germany, coordinates the projects. With the building of so called „Grass root activities" several Live To Love Teams have formed in different federal states of Germany. The grass root work in past and present aims to introduce true-to-life possibilities to integrate the various components of Live To Love´s holistic approach into daily life.

Furthermore in the individual groups, team structures have been developed which have natural management as a result. This not only leads to an increase in social skills but also to a growing efficiency of each activities.

The whole work of Live To Love Germany is done on a voluntary basis.

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