A new chicken house for the animal sanctuary Sol Luna - June 2017

During our Live To Love action in June, we set up a new residence for the chicken at the animal sanctuary Sol Luna. An old sauna from prefabricated parts was rebuilt in a shady place, equipped with compartments for nests and was also freshly painted. The small henhouse also received a suitable coat of paint and shone in new splendour.

We were able to hand over a truckload of horse-fodder as well as dogs and cats food as a donation in kind.
Dear Willi Meiners, many thanks from all of us for your generous fodder-donation!

On the site, a cable channel was dug, the meadows were cleaned from droppings and freed from ragwort. All animal residents were caressed, brushed and extensively fet with carrots, old bread and apples.

For everyone, it was a happy day!



 Fotos copyright Sabine Schlesmann

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