Infobooth at the "Green Mile" of the Altonale streetfestival - July 2017

At our info-booth at the "Green Mile" of the Altonale streetfestival, we learned in numerous conversations during the weekend that currently many people are paying attention to the topic plastic and the avoidance of plastic. Accordingly, there was a lot of interest in our environmental actions , in particular in our forthcoming plastic-garbage clean-up "Mutiny on the banks of the Elbe".

At our booth, we have distributed over 350 invitations and provided additional invitations and posters to teachers and pre-school teachers for distribution in their facilities.

Thank you to all who want to avoid plastic and to all visitors of our info-booth!

This weekend a second event took place: the Live To Love charity-danceparty!
When invitations for this cause are given out in the summer in Telgte / NRW, it is always a great event.
This year also, over twenty women met to spend a wonderful evening together and to do something for a good cause.
Thanks to the great donations of all the participants, a wonderful support for the work of Live To Love Germany has come accumulated.

Thank you very much!



 copyright Agnes Forsthuber

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