Living space für butterflies near the Appelhofweiher - Oct. 2017

On a dazzlingly beautiful and warm autumn-day we have layed out a butterfly meadow in Hamburg´s distric of Steilshoop. Our October action took place in a very well-practised cooperation with the NABU-Hamburg, at the meadow-orchard at the Appelhofweiher, where we have planted butterfly-meadows in past 2 years already.

Situated in a sunny spot, sheltered on one side by a hedge, the new meadow got a great spot. The Live To Love and NABU team started by digging our the sods and then covering the ground with sand. Then a number of special plants were planted, all well-liked by butterflies and moths alike. Such a meadow offers a habitat to many butterflies: many butterflies are extinct already and about half of the remaining ones are considered endangered. In the ecosystem they play an important role by pollinating plants and as caterpillars also as food for singing birds.


Our work found much interest of strollers of whom many visited our info-pavillon, getting informed about the work of Live To Love.
Another Live To Love team collected plastic-waste at the shores of the Appelhofweiher, where always a lot of garbage accumulates and where Live To Love for many years already regularly gathered plastic-waste.

(15. Oktober 2017)

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