Planting Elms on the Cemetery Ohlsdorf - Nov. 2017

Our project "Elms for Hamburg" has found its continuation with the Live To Love November action on 17.11.17 in Ohlsdorf, on the world's largest park cemetery.

Mr. Siebert from the Ohlsdorf Cemetery and his team, dug all the holes and set the pillars for the trees with their professional equipment. Then the committment of the Live To Love team followed, in respect for the location, yet full of joy. We losened the roots, filled up the holes and prepared a little wall around each tree to keep the water. In beautifully sunny and cold weather, the work went easy and thanks to the great cooperation, nine young elm trees were planted this morning in this special place.

A great thanks to Mr Siebert and the Ohlsdorf Cemetery for their willingness to give a home to these nine elm trees!



copyright Agnes Forsthuber

The "Kastaniensonntag" in Ostbevern/NRW is a good tradition by now!
Despite the abundant rain, the day was filled with many interested conversations on Live To Love stand.
Great cakes, soups and organic walnuts were sold by a happy Live To Love team for the projects of Live To Love.
Not only for our team, but also for all guests, it has been a great joy to come together in this sense. THANK YOU!



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