Action on the animal sanctuary in Barlt - May 2017

On Sunday we visited the animal sanctuary in Barlt. At the beginning of the action we were able to hand over a generous pet-food-donation of Heimtierpartner Zoo-Markt Alsterdorf and also from the Tierbar in Eimsbüttel. Dogs and cats of course immediately got treat samples, while the horses were spoilt with carrots and apples.

The team with Regina and the youngest ones toook care of some of the eldest residents of the animal sanctuary, the turtles. Trustingly they stretched their little heads out of their shell - a sign of their joy to be touched, washed and oiled in such a loving way. For everyone to see they turtles enjoyed "mingling in the crowd“. Their new home in fresh grass and within a sea of blossoms of daisies made their day.

The cats had already settled in their new and amply home, which soon is to be finished. All of course were brushed and extensively stroked, for which we were thanked with a "purr-concert“.

Another team took care of the maintenance of the vast area of the animal sanctuary. A large lawn was mowed and countless flowers and plants were potted.

A happy day for all humans and animals involved.


 Fotos copyright Agnes Forsthuber

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