Visiting the homeless people - December 2017

Exactly 10 years ago, the first action of Live To Love Germany took place, a small team visited the homeless in the city of Hamburg to meet you with warm clothes, sandwiches and small attentive gestures. Since then, these visits have been an integral part of our actions. This Sunday was all about our anniversary.

The big team was very good mood and joy. We were richly equipped with meaningful donations such as warm clothing. Also hot soup and drinks homemade Christmas cookies could be generously distributed.
That attracted a lot of attention from passers-by. Spontaneously, a lady donated her precious woolen scarf, an employee of an airline contributed quickly several warm blankets, even some small donations were given.



copyright Agnes Forsthuber

Our young team members were absolutely enthusiastic and also cared very lovingly and dedicated to the dogs. They brought food and distributed treats and play-balls on which one of the dogs immediately started chewing happily.


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