Planting elms in the Luruper Böverstpark - April 2018

Full of joy and inspiration after the visit of the Gyalwang Drukpa in March, Live To Love Germany continued with the tree plantings in the Lurup´s Böverstpark.

With some holes for the five new #elms, we were expecting a new challenge: the spades hit construction waste.
With united forces, we disposed it at the designated planting sites and dug deep holes.
In order for the elms to grow well, we added fresh earth into the holes.

All joined with full dedication and enthusiasm in order to provide a good ground for the trees and to give the former landfill site once a bit more back to nature.

It is always a very special moment to see how the crowns of the trees, which have just been put up, are unfolding.

We thank all the big and small helpers for their tireless efforts!
Many thanks to the Fielmann AG for the donation of the trees and to the Bezirksamt Altona, for providing the site of the planting.

The newspaper Luruper Nachrichten has visited us and a few days later a report has published. Here you can read.




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