Planting elms for the future - October 2018

Autumn has arrived! This also means - finally planting trees again. With joy and vigor, the Live To Love team took a hold of the shovels this weekend. Five further elm trees were planted - this time along the Wandse creek in Hamburg Wandsbek.

Quickly, the action at the green belt along the watercourse became a magnet for many walkers - especially children wanted to help in digging the planting holes, watering the new trees, sawing wood for the stakes or decorating the newly planted trees.

Taking action for climate protection and contributing with new trees to the reduction of CO2 in the air - for many this afternoon was an encouraging inspiration after a dry and hot summer, full of headlines about climate change.

Galerie - planting elms near the Wandse

©Agnes Forsthuber

Some interested visitors felt a deep need to thank Live To Love for this effort with a donation.
Our thanks above all go out to the Fielmann AG, who continues to support our project "Elms for Hamburg" and donated five new trees this time.
The Water Authority Wandsbek has made available beautiful places for the new Elms, which we are also thankful for.

The online magazine has published an article about our tree planting campaign of the weekend. We are very happy! More you can find here.

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