Collecting plastic in Övelgönne - August 2018

Dear Live To Love Pirates at the Övelgönner Elbstrand - thank you for your commitment - you were just great! Together, we have captured 36.5 kilograms of garbage - especially microplastic - as shown by the scale on the Live To Love cutter.

With every picked up lollipop stick, bottle cap, smallest plastic particle, cigarette filter or straw you have protected life! With this, the water of the Elbe river remains cleaner, fish in the water and birds in the sand can no longer find and eat the health-damaging stuff you have collected. Towards a Healthy Future with the new compass needle: Keep pushing - wherever you are - for the environment, humans, animals - for all of who are here and those who are yet to come. Ahoy!

Gallery - collecting plastic in Övelgönne

©Agnes Forsthuber

If you liked our recyclable bags, feel free to contact us - they are available at cost price. By the way: With the -App you can immediately check on your mobile phone whether products contain microplastics: Just download the app and scan the barcode on the packaging.

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At this point also a big thank you to the Strandkiosk for the refreshing ice cream donation for all Live To Love pirates! A report of the Hamburger Wochenblatt you can find here.

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