New trees on the bank of the Wandse - November 2018

Happiness and joy in the middle of a fine November drizzle! Before we leave for the winter treeplanting break, we have planted further elm trees in the earth along the Wandse creek - very close to the wonderful trees planted in October.
As always our big thank you to the Fielmann AG for their generous sponsorship!

Some of the trees of the „Rebona“ kind, were put closer to the water this time. The water authority Hamburg Wandsbek wants to learn how elm will stabilize the embankment with their roots.

Digging holes, setting up trees, securing it accordingly and also watering them - giving also flowers as thanks to every tree, which helps to save CO2 and produces oxygen - a contribution to climate protection and for the clean air in the Hanseatic City of Hamburg!

Live to love and to plant trees, for example - if you think this is a good thing, we are happy about your support!



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