A heart for the homeless - February 2019

So many homeless people as during this action, we have not met all winter: the more spring like temperatures attracted many to the streets - one felt the great relief to finally experience sunshine again.

Although it was much warmer than the last two actions, the hot lentil soup was handed out quickly. Also fruit, homemade cakes and lovingly prepared sandwiches were received with joy.


A young man who barely spoke German was hardly able to choose anything from the food offered. At first, he took only one tangerine, then another banana, which one of the children gave to him. Only when he got another sandwich and a candy bar to go and a little linen bag to transport the stuff, he knew that the food really was for him - and beamed all over his face.

For the cold nights we gave warm clothes, hats, gloves, blankets and sleeping bags. The personal encounters were characterised by much gratitude and appreciation: " Thank you for coming."

We wish all the people who live on the road, all the best.

In the next time, we'll start the tree planting season, take off is in March.

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