More oxygen instead of carbon dioxide - and not only the earth breathes


In action for climate protection: the Live To Love team has planted five new elms under the motto "more oxygen instead of carbon dioxide - and not only the earth breathes" - this time we were in Hamburg's Lurup district.


The Altona district office had provided us with an area there - beautifully situated on a hill. More and more people want to act, make a contribution to climate protection and the future of children. This experience we have made also this time: adults and especially children spontaneously resorted to the shovel. 


© Agnes Forsthuber


In such a community, work was easy. We are heading for the home stretch of 100 trees planted and will do everything to make it far, far more!
We are looking forward to any form of support - whether with a one-time donation or regularly as a sponsoring member:  
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The biggest donation today, the trees, came again from the Fielmann AG - thank you very much! Many walkers were interested and talked to us at our pavilion.

So many beautiful encounters, so many interesting people - we say thank you for a great afternoon in Lurup!




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