Six young elms for Elbparkanlage in Rissen May 2019

Our last tree planting action of the spring season took place in one of the beautiful Elbe parks. Six young elms have found a new home here thanks to the generous donation from the Fielmann AG. Many thanks also to the district authority Altona for this great planting place.


The tree planting has aroused much interest and enjoyment among numerous walkers and residents, also because some of the park's severely damaged trees had unfortunately to be felled recently. Three of the trees have found a wonderful spot on a lawn, the other three were planted directly in the forest to compensate for the future measures in the wood.  

©Agnes Forsthuber

Digging holes, erecting trees, setting support piles, attaching webbing - all this is now quickly done away with by the team after several trees have been planted now.

The interdependence of humans and nature, especially in relation to trees and their ability to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, more and more people are becoming aware of. Climate crisis, insect killing - what can I ever do as an individual? These were therefore some of the topics of conversation at our pavilion where we informed about our activities as well as about plastic prevention and animal welfare.

Trees are a source of life - they provide food for insects and are the nursery of many birds and bats, they also give shady spaces to us humans where we can recharge our batteries and also contain many remedies in their flowers, leaves or barks.

In autumn we will continue with new tree plantings. We are already looking forward to it!



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