New Flowers for Hamburg Winterhude in June 2019

Our environmental campaign in June brought together people of all ages in the middle of the city: For a new flower meadow for butterflies, bees and other insects.

That was a lot of fun and considering the large number of unused similar areas, we just documented what is needed.

© Agnes Forsthuber

So, setting up a flower meadow step by step:

• Ask the city if you can do it at your desired location.
  Clarify conditions (for example for us: no fencing!)
  At this point many thanks to the district office Hamburg-Nord for the provision of the area!
• Create a variety of plants that flower early, in summer and late, and that are a food sources for
  butterflies, bees and other insects.
• Check the soil - does it need sand? Many of the plants in question love a sandy ground.
  Order sand!
• Cut off the turf. Not too deep, just so that the grass can be shoveled away.
• Dig everything up.
• Spread the sand over the surface, dig it under and smooth the surface.
• set in the plants and water everything well. Create a small irrigation edging.
• we have used small piles as a boundary.

Many residents have not only shown lively interest in our action today, but also got actively involved - THANK YOU! This resulted in many nice conversations with very nice people. A great neighborhood .

We intend to plant many more flower meadows for the insects and many, many trees to regulate the climate. For the realization we need donations and supporting members.


(23.June 2019) 

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