Animal welfare in action at the Sol Luna e.V. - June 2019

Highly motivated and with many a bead of sweat on the forehead, the Love To Love team visited the sanctuary Sol Luna e.V. in Rietberg-Mastholte in North Rhine-Westphalia at temperatures of around 30 degrees.

 Our program: to "de-drop" the meadows - that is, to get rid of horse droppings - and to remove the poisonous St. Jacobs herb. The outdoor stables were mucked out and also a paddock was fenced off extensively.

30 piles - donated by the Kirchhoff family from Rheine and by Live To Love we set in the ground and anchored with a thick hammer in the depth, bolted rivets and mounted the bands - to the delight of horses.While the pigs and the chickens watched the action with one eye blinking in the shade, the goat slurping water in slow motion, the donkey was particularly curious and everywhere with his soft snout.

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At SolLuna, 100 animals are currently finding a home and are lovingly cared for by Irmgard Gubitz and her team.

We have also brought them an extensive feed donation, which has been generously provided by Mr. Ohlsen from the pet partner Zoomarkt Alsterdorf. We also thank the company Wülfel for the transport vehicle!
This action, with and for all the wonderful animals that live here, has made this day rich! New spout benefits mare bonnie, Die Glocke, Juni 2019 (23.06.2019)

We have many more actions to do to protect animals and plant a variety of trees for climate protection.
For the realization we need donations and support members.


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