Meet again at the Gnadenhof in Barlt!

Highly motivated and with much joy we visited the Gnadenhof Barlt  for our first action after the summer break. Wiht us we brought numerous food donations, pet baskets and toys from the pet partner Zoo-Markt Alsterdorf and the "Schmackofatz" BARF Shop.

 A happy welcome then on site: Corinna Mainus, the operator and good soul of the Animal Sanctuary, as well as her assistants greeted us warmly.

Our task this time on the farm: remove burdock and nettles from the run. The dry, withered burdocks catch in the fur of the dogs and contribute to the felting. The stinging nettles had grown a lot and also here regulation was needed.


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During the tour of the Animal Sanctuary, we marveled at the newly designed dog area:
In the middle of the enclosure there is a nice running area for romping and an agility course where the dogs can learn to work with people. For some of the previously neglected and poorly treated dogs a whole new experience. Loving attention and plenty of treats were good for the often frightened dogs.

The horses on the large meadow were spoiled by us with carrots and old bread rolls. Moving to see: the oldest mare of the herd (34 years). In middle years she had suffered an injury, was no longer rideable and was deported as "useless". Due to her good luck she came to Barlt, where she has since lived in a large herd.

The next construction project on the Animal Sanctuary will be a new horse stable, as the roof leaks in the old one and the wind blows through the cracks.

In the cat house, the cats on the sofas, scratching posts and moorings feel very well. The cuddly ones among the cats and the children of the team have found each other in no time - there was a lot of caressing and playing.

Many thanks to the generous donors and all those who helped that the visit to Barlt made so many souls happy! (18.08.2019)


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