Lots of plastic booty at the Elbe Beach - September 2019

Ahoy! The Live To Love pirates have gone ashore again and have captured the Elbe beach in Övelgönne. Equipped with gloves, garbage bags and tea strainers for the microplastic in the sand, we combed every inch from the „Himmelsleiter“ onwards to collect harmful stranded goods.

This included old plastic bags, disposable dishes, straws, cigarette filters, shards of glass, plastic bottles and the smallest plastic particles. Some boys even crawled under the rocks of the bank reinforcement and were able to fill their garbage bag with rubbish very quickly.

Numerous passer by were also present – a family from Rostock, some women from Bavaria, students from Asia. One pirate even came from Australia: "All the rubbish ends up in Down Under and everything you collect here now doesn't swim up to our doorstep. The sea knows no borders," the lady explained with a smile, taking a few souvenir photos.

© Agnes Forsthuber

Many pirates of today's action have been aware of the environmental consequences of plastic consumption - but it is not always easy to implement them in everyday life - many products in shops and supermarkets are still wrapped in plastic.

In the end, the pirates hoisted their bags onto the pirate´s cutter: 103 kilograms were weighed in the baskets in total.

Lots of booty and a fantastic achievement! As a reward exciting prizes were waiting, such as a telescope and of course also pirate cake.
On top of that, everyone was invited to take organically made soap and toothpaste - including a recipe - with them for a small donation, without plastic packaging and guaranteed without microplastics.
Many thanks to all those who helped for the nature, the Elbe and the animals which live here!
Elbe-Wochenblatt: Mutiny against plastic, September 2019


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