Six new trees for climate protection - October 2019

Six new trees for climate protection in the Hanseatic city! This time we planted along the Stellau, in the District of Rahlstedt in Hamburg. The Stellau is a small, idyllically located creek and a perfect location for five elms and a black poplar.

Many thanks to Fielmann AG, who donated the new trees, and to the office for Water Management Wandsbek, which provided us with this planting site.

This time the young trees had to be carried a good bit to their new destinations - this can only be done in a team.

Meanwhile, there is a lot of routine with planting: digging holes, put in the trees, secure and protect them. The waters of the Stellau offered a welcomed change, because it had to be crossed for the planting of an elm.


© Agnes Forsthuber

Awareness of climate change is growing, as we have noticed in the discussions with the walkers, who were very pleased about the action and stopped despite rain showers to learn more about our projects.

Many thanks to all participants and supporters - we look forward to seeing you again at the next event in November!

20.October 2019

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