Life Release-Aktion on Dove-Elbe - October 2019

Protecting and preserving lives! Why not change the direction? Instead of buying fish to eat them - buy fish to release them! The Live To Love - Germany Foundation wanted to set this mark and give life to carp, veils and zanders.

For this life-sustaining event we got a place at the Dove Elbe where we released 1000 fish.

Mr. Kemnitz from the fish farm Kemnitz delivered the young fish in a tank, which were then converted into baskets and carefully, partly released by hand into the water.

© Agnes Forsthuber

It was an incredibly moving experience to accompany the fish on their way to freedom. After a short time in the shore area, the young fish swam off to explore their new territory.

The Dove Elbe is an ideal habitat for the offspring of fish - close to the spot where we released them there is a nature reserve.

We would like to thank Mr. Kemnitz for the transport on a Sunday and the support of our campaign, as well as Mr. Gießler from AVN e.V.

It was a very happy day!

20. October 2019

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