Christmas action for the homeless - December 2019

For many, one of the highlights of the year: our Christmas action for the homeless! Shortly before Christmas, the Live To Love team started out again and visited the homeless in downtown Hamburg - and met many people from different countries.

In every encounters, the question was: How can we make this person happy for the moment and make his or her life easier in the cold?
That was for example...
• A camping mat for a woman from Romania who was sitting on the cold bare ground. 
• A winter jacket for a German woman who has fled to the streets from domestic violence.
• Sweets for two brothers from Heidelberg who have been living on the street for 30 years. 
• Shoes for a man from the Czech Republic who came to Germany for work and after dismissal,
  found himself on the street.
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We also witnessed many strokes of fate. This also made it clear once again how quickly life can change overnight. 
This time many teenagers were on the Live To Love team - some for the first time. After the first timidity had been overcome, it was a lot of fun for everyone to get in touch with the homeless.
"The best thing today was to see how the homeless were happy," was a feedback from Matteo. 
Therese said: "Live To Love - today we literally practiced it with the homeless. I'm so grateful to have been there."
Thank you to everyone who joined this Christmas on the street!!
December 22, 2019
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