New elms for Lurup - November 2019

Live to protect our earth: Autumn is coming to an end and thus the last time of the year to plant trees. We took the opportunity and planted three more elms in the ground - this time again in the Lurup district of Hamburg.

The district office in Altona provided us with the planting locations on a newly created walk between Elbgaustrasse and Lüttkamp and, to our great delight, Fielmann AG again donated the elms and the planting material. Thanks a lot!

The little ones from the Live To Love team were happy to dig the holes with their hands.
A palpable experience in which earthworms were also lovingly placed in protected areas.

© Agnes Forsthuber

Decorating the trees - always an act of joy, then straightening them up and securing them with support posts, as well as laying rabbit wire around the trunks to protect them from being bitten by wild animals. In the end we provided the newly planted elms with flowers, petals and a painted stone with the Live To Love lettering.

The area around the new trees was also cleaned of bottles and plastic waste - four whole bags full! Work that always makes so much sense and is actually very fulfilling. Local residents and walkers praised our efforts and found out about our projects. A great action - many thanks to everyone who contributed to more climate and environmental protection!

Our work lives from donations! If you want to support us so that we can plant even more trees and implement even more actions for climate protection and the life of future generations, you can do that online. We are of course also happy about every supporting member who supports us with a regular contribution.

November 17, 2019

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