Experience happiness with the homeless - January 2020

We have done it again - and will do it again and again! We have been visiting the homeless on the streets of Hamburg for the last 13 years, especially in winter. Yesterday was kind of a particularly happy day!
We started in front of the „Wandelhalle" at Hamburg main station: The smell of the lentil soup attracted three women from Romania - a traditional meal that connects with memories of home. Happy eyes and her contagious laugh immediately opened all hearts.
An older man with a fur hat on his head watched the moment - and spontaneously started a song he had composed. The title: "Live To Love". What a nice surprise! We were able to give him a sleeping bag and a sleeping mat that he urgently needed.
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And it went on with the suitcases full of clothes, food, and hygiene articles on our way through the city center. We met a young man who had only been living on the street for 46 days. It was difficult for him to even take a coffee and some cookies. Someone from the Live To Love team started a conversation, listened to him - then he dared to take a sleeping pad and sleeping bag - the basic package for life on the street. His shy and simple "thank you" was very moving.
A man from Latvia, who has lost everything, was sitting on a bench: No money in his pocket as he was not paid for his work. His last belongings were also stolen on the street. He could hardly believe that we were simply giving him a sweater, jacket, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, hat, scarf, soup and some sweets.
We met a man we previously met in December - he happily told us that in two months he now could move into the promised apartment. Until then, he tries to make the best of his situation.
Likewise, two young men, who have been homeless for 34 days, told us quite relieved that they had found a place to stay in an accommodation in the Feldstrasse in two days.
We were equally impressed by a homeless man from Poland, who carved tulips out of wood, because of his modesty - a coffee that he had filled in his own mug was just enough for him. This will also fill him up, he said.
So many moving life stories and moments. We have all learned and experienced a great deal again. In the end, it is the realization again: no matter whether it is time, a gesture, a smile, food or clothing - giving makes you really happy!
19th January 2020
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