Life release campaign in the Dove-Elbe - February 2020

We are often more familiar with fish from the menus and have no knowledge of their sensitivity, purpose and life in the river, lake or sea. Every animal is a living being that feels exactly like humans. Becoming aware of this once again motivated us to change direction and buy animals to release them.

"I want to give life - it is also reparation - for everything we did to animals - regardless of whether it is fish, pigs, cattle, poultry."

So we acquired a large number of fishes from the Kemnitz fish farm and released them into freedom in stormy weather in the Dove-Elbe.

"To say consciously at this moment today: 'I'm not eating you now' - this active conscious act touches me deeply."

"One of the reasons why I am here is that I have often eaten fish in the past and I know that I can give something back today."

It was very moving for all of us to see the delicate small and large fishes slide enthusiastically from the buckets into the water of the Elbe - and conquer their new habitat with all their strength.


© Agnes Forsthuber

"What could be better than protecting life and saving life, I could do it every day."

“It deeply moves me to see how the fish's life is respected and how the gift of the rose petals makes their lives even more valuable. Every life is so valuable. "

We thank all donors who contributed to the fact that so many fishes were able to celebrate a birthday in the Dove-Elbe today.
Thanks also to Mr. Kemnitz from the Kemnitz fish farm for the support, as well as Mr. Gießler from AVN e.V. for the opportunity to release the fish in the Dove-Elbe. Further life release campaigns are planned.

February 16, 2020


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