Tree new flower meadows in Winterhude - June 2020

We make our district bloom!
Flower meadows and care-bags in Winterhude.
The last weekend was eventful, because we gave care-bags to older citizens and on Sunday we turned three brownfields into flower meadows and new, colorful habitats for insects.

In this way we want to show the interdependencies between nature, animals and humans. Our contributions to environmental and climate protection, as well as to the beauty of the district, even proves to be a true antidepressant for many people living there. We have also noted repeatedly that with the increase in understanding of these connections, social competence increases indescribably.

We planted blue borage, yellow snapdragons, purple catnip, marigolds and many, many other colorful plants - adapted to the respective conditions of the different locations. While the area on the Ohlsdorfer Strasse is more in the shade and the plants there are a home for lacewings, beetles and moths - the other two areas - Krochmannstrasse and Baumkamp - are in the sun and with the new flowers are a real places of wellbeing for bees and butterflies .

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We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Gut Wulksfelde nursery in Tangstedt, which donated numerous plants, and the great neighbors in Winterhude, who also provided flowers.

A lot of water is required due to the dryness of the soil to enable the plants to grow well. Local residents who became aware of our work spontaneously offered their support and took empty watering cans to fill them up in their homes. That was great support! A couple even wanted to provide to water a flower meadow on a regular basis throughout the summer. Thank you!!!

We were particularly pleased with a little girl who came over with his father and donated a bag of wildflower seeds. Immediately she took a shovel, prepared very carefully a small channel in which she carefully placed the seeds and then covered them again with earth - so, she reported, her grandmother had shown her.

Two new bird feeders have been set up for the birds and squirrels - this made the older residents particularly happy because they love watching the animals from the window.

Again and again residents of the district stopped who already knew Live To Love from the previously planted flower meadows and were just happy. Some even donated money for the other meadows!
A very happy afternoon with so many warm encounters and interested questions. Thank you for the diverse positive feedback. It was once again very nice to meet the many friendly people in this district. We continue!


21. June 2020

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