Donations of food and much love for the Barlt sanctuary - August 2020

Despite the heat, a good-humored and enthusiastic Live To Love team made their way to the Barlt sanctuary in Dithmarschen.

It took two cars to load the food donations from Michael Ohlsen, from the Zoo Markt Alsterdorf, which were gratefully received.

Corinna Mainus had chosen the color of her T-shirt to match the Live To Love team and was already waiting for us with joy.
We shared our time with many animals at the Barlt sanctuary and, as always, are moved by many individual fates.

© Agnes Forsthuber / Live To Love Germany 

It makes us very happy to have expressed our love and respect for at least a few hours. 

Love is action!

"All animals have the same feelings as we humans, so we should treat animals as our wards. We should all strive to learn and understand not only the different languages ​​of human cultures, but also those of animals.

Exploring their expressions just requires our empathy. How do they react to us humans? Like us with humans, the expression of their eyes is the „mirror of the soul" in all animals. It requires a lot of sensitive empathy to give abused, neglected or rejected animals a new and safe home.
Like us humans, nice accommodations and sufficient food only serve to secure basic needs,” says Gianna Wabner


August 16th, 2020 

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