Every tree counts! Tree planting in Lurup in October 2020

Every single tree counts for climate protection and clean air: After the large tree planting at the Hahnenkoppel forest last week, we were excited and set off with anticipation for the next campaign.On Sunday in the Hamburg-Lurup, we planted more trees - three lime trees and three elms, donated by the Fielmann AG - in the grounds  near the Lurup Drift / corner of Blomkamp.


Counting them in, we are now approaching 2000 planted trees under the umbrella of Live To Love!!!

A local resident greeted us with a joyful "welcome back" - she was there when 1.5 years ago five elms found a new home nearby. These trees have grown wonderfully and are doing very well. She expressed her joy that the once "barren area" in the region is being brought back to new life. 

Two boys spontaneously joined our action: full of eagerness and energy they grabbed the spades to help dig the holes for the six trees.

In a well-practiced teamwork, all trees were standing within a short time, secured with stakes and belts, as well as a wire netting to protect them from gamebite. 

© Agnes Forsthuber / Live To Love Germany  

Happy faces everywhere at the end of the action - "by planting trees, we are consciously sending a signal of our love for the earth and all beings that live on and from it," said Gianna Wabner, president of the Live To Love-Germany foundation. Trees contribute immeasurably to life on a vital planet: In addition to providing oxygen, they store water, provide shade and also offer habitats for many animals and insects. 

At the end of the campaign, a boy told us that he wanted to think about his previous wish, because doing something meaningful makes you so happy. With gratitude he said: "You have changed my life today.” That was extraordinarily moving, because it came from the purest of hearts.

The next tree planting campaign will continue in Lurup in November! 

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October 18, 2020


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