A new home for 69 animals - October 2020

Only two months left until the move of animal sancturay Sol Luna e.V. in Rietberg-Mastholte! And there is a lot to do on the new premises.
This weekend the Live To Love team made its way to North Rhine-Westphalia to actively support Irmgard Gubitz and her team in preparing the new home for the 69 animals.
What a happy reunion! During the last years a deep relationship with Irmgard Gubitz has been established. She has dedicated her life full of devotion for more than 20 years not only to abandoned and old animals.
Irmgard has had very exhausting weeks behind her - the lease for the current farm had not been extended and she had to find a new home for her charges within a short time. She did not give up believing in it and the blacksmith recently finally conveyed the relieving news that an elderly lady wanted to lease a farm nearby. Now it will be the new home of SolLuna!
After a tour of the premises, we unloaded: 300 kilograms of food bags and boxes for small and large animals. Thanks to the exceptionally generous donation of Michael Ohlsen, from our pet partner Zoo-Markt Alsterdorf, we were able to fill the pantry.

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Like many owners of pet supply stores, his company is also suffering from extreme economic losses, because especially in view of the lockdowns, more and more customers are ordering the feed for their pets via the Internet.
Mr. Ohlsen has been supporting us exceptionally generously for many years and this is in a special light in view of this time. Besides everlasting gratitude, we feel very deep respect for his great gesture, in these times of pandemic.
The pigs can already look forward to a true feast in nature: a forest meadow has been reserved for them. Under ancient oaks, where they will soon be able to rummage for acorns with their trunks. This meadow first had to be cleared out. Tons of bricks, building rubble, a chicken trough, car tires, broken balls and much more we transported away in wheelbarrows. A large pile of old wood was allowed to remain, since mice were nesting here.
Very soon geese and horses will graze right next to it: On the future pasture we dug up old poles and exchanged them for new ones. Then we fixed the wire fence, attached insulators for the electricity and threaded strands. We also removed weeds and trimmed bushes.
SolLuna is far more than an animal sanctuary: it is a meeting place from human to animal and from animal to human - a place where, among other things, difficult young people can regain confidence in life and where school classes can experience training sessions. Where animals are loved and valued and people are given new perspectives.
Best wishes to you and your team dear Irmgard.
We are glad to know you and look forward to seeing you again in 2021!
31th, October 2020 
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