Giving Love - Advent Calendar in November 2020

The Advent season is just around the corner. And with every candle lit on every Sunday in December, Christmas, commonly known as the Feast of Love, is drawing nearer. For many seniors, the time is overshadowed this year by the tightened lockdown measures - many suffer far more from loneliness than in spring.

Since many are very much connected to Christian values and the holidays of Christmas time, the idea was born to give them light and joy before the 1st Advent with an Advent calendar.

Opening a bag every day is a familiar tradition that many associate with love, warmth and security.

Friends and supporters of Live To Love put together small packages with heartfelt gifts such as self-made stars, cookies, candles, poems and small soaps, which were lovingly decorated.

© Agnes Forsthuber / Live To Love Germany  

Repeatedly we visited an indescribably friendly man, who suffered for many years from the consequences of a stroke and has few contacts. He was, as always, very moved and immediately hung up the calendar: "Now I have a little surprise every day, which I can be happy about".

We met a woman at a moment when she was moved by many concerns about her husband's health. She cried with joy and shared her worries with us. It was her heart's desire to thank us for the shopping assistance in the past and she handed over a bag with a card and sweets.

Another woman is seriously ill and rarely leaves the door - she too was very happy about the gift.

Another man has recently been left by his wife after more than 46 years of marriage. He now lives alone and has to reorganize his everyday life, which is a great challenge for him!

It is really painful to experience and hear how many seniors suffer from isolation and it makes you happy to know that even small and loving contributions can have such a healing effect.

An editor from NDR Hamburg accompanied the start of our Advent campaign and published a very lively article on NDR 90,3, describing our campaign as "magical", which we were very pleased about.

In the next few days we will continue to give love, happiness and joy - may many seniors experience comfort and confidence during this time!


November 25, 2020


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