Love is action - on Hamburg's streets - December 2020

"Love is action - it is awareness, it is respect, it is freedom of judgment, it is mindfulness, it is the gestures that come from the center of our hearts when we relate to people in need of our love. It's the simplicity and it's the joy of helping and being there for each other." ~ Gianna Wabner


Every year, we experience just how much joy gift-giving brings during our now-traditional Christmas outreach to the homeless on Hamburg's streets on the 4th of Advent - which this time very appropriately took place on International Human Solidarity Day.

Equipped with masks, gloves and disinfectants and with appropriate distance, we moved in teams of 2 households each through the inner city of Hamburg.

The vanguard was formed by a team that distributed soup, sandwiches, tea and coffee.

Downtown Hamburg was bright and very nicely lit.

© Agnes Forsthuber / Live To Love Germany  

Due to the lack of Christmas markets, closed stores and aid facilities, the streets were empty - there are much fewer opportunities for homeless people to find something to eat. 

In the other teams we specifically distributed hygiene items, warm clothing, shoes and blankets.

Lovingly designed small Christmas packages with homemade cookies and fruit won the hearts of the recipients again this year.

We met fewer homeless people than last year and learned that the police in the inner city area closely controls the applicable ban on assemblies. This particularly affects homeless people who form groups for their own protection. The groups are broken up and also evicted from their usual sleeping places. One woman told us that she lost her apartment in a fire during her resocialization after a stay in prison, she was literally left with nothing and now only the street remains for her.

It makes us very happy to have shared a few moments of respectful encounter with all those people whose fate means that they have to live on the street, and that we could give at least some of them a little comfort in this difficult time.

We wish all homeless people, all people who live "on the edge of society" a significant improvement in their very difficult living conditions - and we do so with all our hearts!

In January 2021 this action will find its continuation and we are already looking forward to it.

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December 20, 2020

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