The Live To Love CARE action on Mother's Day - May 2020.

Contact restrictions have been in place in Hamburg for more than seven weeks now - even though the measures have been eased somewhat, most elderly people continue to stay at home out of caution. The uncertainty is still great.

This Sunday, on the occasion of Mother's Day, we visited mainly elderly women to please them with new sachets - filled with face masks, soap and treats - and to say thank you for their care and protection that they give to other beings today, where the children are already grown. 

One woman has set up a haven for songbirds on her balcony - little bowls of water and food are everywhere. More than ever, she says, it is important to take care of the feathered animals, because there are fewer and fewer of them. Being there for the birds and enjoying their songs has given her a lot of strength in recent weeks. 


© Agnes Forsthuber / Live To Love Germany

Another has been devotedly caring for her sick husband for many years - but the social isolation is hardly bearable for her anymore. 

Some of them live a very secluded life - the signs of appreciation and gratitude finally opened many doors and hearts - moments of emotion and joy were palpable on both sides. 

We are very happy and grateful that we were able to alleviate a little suffering at least for a moment.

May 10, 2020

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