CARE - Actions in Westphalia and Hamburg create closeness - despite distance in January 2021

After the Christmas action in Westphalia at the mother-child house Kataluma, the CARE team went again to mothers and children, who are able to live alone again after an intensive support by the specialists in Kataluma. They will receive support from the evangelical youth welfare for a while.
The self-sewn crackle bags, stuffed animals and socks for the children, body lotions for the mothers, ginger and lemon - to strengthen the immune system, carrots, tangerines, oranges and chocolate and of course masks - delighted the small and large residents very much.

Especially lovingly wrapped "little things" can be very meaningful. Again and again we experience how much young and old are delighted to unwrap something; for many it possesses a magic of its own.

"What is to have an effect on hearts must come from hearts" - Johann-Wolfgang von Goethe

Stefanie: " Today I took the last bag to my parents' neighbor. In September his wife passed away after a short period of illness, I think it was only about 8 weeks from diagnosis to death.

I did send the family a condolence card, but that's about it. Now today I stood a bit excited alone in front of his door and it was then quite easy. He recognized me immediately and was very happy.

We talked about how he was doing and what he was busy with. He told me that his favorite thing to do is Sudokus and then took a closer look into the bag. Along with everything else, he found a Sudoku puzzle book inside! I think he probably thanked me 4 or 5 times for the bag.

By the time I was back in the car, I was in tears. It was a mixture of different feelings. On the one hand, the gratitude that I am allowed to distribute care bags, because without them, I would have had no reason to ring his doorbell. One is not so close then after all. The short conversation, on the other hand, was very close.

On the other hand, I also felt this deep sadness. Once again it became clear to me how lonely many people are at the moment."

The collected experiences - from meanwhile 13 years - prove again and again: our abilities to perceive the feelings of our fellow human beings more objectively, to understand them better and to influence them in a healing way, increase significantly. The resulting understanding, the growing empathy leads to greater social competence and self-confidence. As a result, life becomes very fulfilling.

The CARE team also experienced many moving moments in Hamburg. One woman has been involved in maintaining the supervised playgrounds in Hamburg for over 30 years. She used the time to start an online petition for "Aktion Kinderparadies".

Together with her father, she received a bag - she wants to give another one to her lonely mother-in-law, who lives in a nursing home.

For privacy reasons and the wish of some not to be photographed, we can send you these impressions.

© Agnes Forsthuber / Live To Love Germany

The Corona crisis is hitting low-income populations particularly hard. Prices are rising, food banks are closed. Many people are again going through a challenging time full of worries, hardships and loneliness.

We will continue the care actions every month.

Of course, we will adhere to all the necessary safety rules.

Happiness arises in this moment - here and now - and exactly the small gestures can give happiness for a whole day!


January 10, 2021

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