Visiting Die Arche - with children from all over the world in February 2021

Happy reunion after 13 years at the children's foundation "Die Arche" in Hamburg:

Back then, the clown Jonas and especially his cute dog Lehmann thrilled the hearts of the children - this time the Live To Love CARE team visited the children in Jenfeld.

They come from many different countries around the world and find a second home in the ARCHE after school. Numerous digital learning stations have been set up from which the children can take part in school lessons and are supervised with their homework. In most cases, there is not enough space or peace and quiet for homeschooling within the children's own four walls, and the technical requirements are often not met.

In between, the children can play soccer and table tennis, take piano lessons and get a warming lunch or dinner.

The five full-time employees and volunteers in Jenfeld have become a second family for many and emotional anchor points.

The visit of the CARE team was a huge surprise - the boys and girls aged 5 to 11 couldn't wait to unpack the bags with coloring books, pencils, cookie shapes, fruit, sherbet drops and other sweets. The homemade modeling clay immediately captured the children's interest and they tried it out.

© Agnes Forsthuber / Live To Love Germany

Kneading actually has a healing effect: the children can develop their sense of touch while shaping. Modeling, rolling and pressing consolidate learning processes and promote fine motor skills in the hand area. All this is also very important for writing. Kneading also teaches children how to use and measure their strength in a targeted manner. By smelling and touching the modeling clay, deep sensory abilities are stimulated, imagination and creativity are encouraged, and children's own ideas about the world are recreated. A creative-inventive process in which there is no right or wrong perception.

Modeling clay is really easy to make - here is the recipe:

- dissolve the desired color in 500 ml of water.

- put 400 grams of flour, 200 grams of salt, three spoons of sunflower oil, two spoons of lemon juice in a bowl.

- pour in the water with the color and mix everything with a hand mixer on the highest speed. Finally, knead well again by hand.

- the dough keeps very long in the refrigerator in a closed container!

We wish a lot of fun trying it out - may all children always experience many happy moments during the lockdown restrictions!

Thank you Arche team for the warmth and love you give to the children - you are a great compass in their lives!


February 8, 2021


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