A visit to the Arche with lots of love in the luggage in March 2021

Great joy among the children at the children's foundation Die Arche in Hamburg-Jenfeld:
The two finger puppets Kaspar and Elfe were guests as part of the Live-To-Love-CARE initiative and interactively explained the importance of planting trees and creating butterfly flower meadows. 
Where does oxygen come from? What is it important for? What is the purpose of flower meadows? How does an apple originate and how does a bee pollinate a flower?

The children, aged four to nine, enthusiastically followed Kaspar and the elf's dialogue and answered the questions. 
The children were amazed to learn that trees provide oxygen for the life of humans and animals just like that. They were equally surprised when Kaspar, representing the bee, pollinated the blossom with his nose and then an apple came out of it. 

As a souvenir of this eventful morning, everyone received a richly filled CARE bag with lots of goodies, their own little finger puppet and a fat red apple - a whole box of which had been donated by the Turkish greengrocer Avrasya in Hamburg-Eimsbüttel - we thank them from the bottom of our hearts! 
In the next few days, Ark employee Tatjana Bubser will be distributing a large basket of donated stuffed animals to the children who were unable to attend the finger puppet show. 

© Agnes Forsthuber / Live To Love Germany


At the end, Elfe danced the Mirabelle dance with the children and together with Kaspar they sent the children's wishes into the world - such as peace, health, that the Covid crisis would soon be over and that they would no longer have to wear masks. 

Finger puppets stimulate children's creativity and imagination enormously and can change communication in the family through role play, they promote speech and you can take them anywhere and use them at any time. 

We thank the Arche in Jenfeld for the warm welcome and happy hours and wish you all the best for your valuable work!

March 9th, 2021

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