What a happy day! 1000 oaks planted in Klövensteen - March 2021

The Hanseatic City of Hamburg is reforesting the Klövensteen. More than 70,000 trees are to be planted and Live To Love is helping. A few days after the official kick-off, we put 1000 oak light feathers in the ground in the popular recreational forest for the International Forest Day.
They were also partly donated by the organization One for the planet. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting the project and even being there! 

The district forester's office had provided a large area where Sitka spruces formerly grew, which unfortunately could not survive the last hot and much too dry summers and winters due to their shallow and short roots. The spacious area also made it possible to be active in lockdown in teams of 2 and family groups while observing generous social distancing rules.

Forester Philipp Lehmkühler explained what needed to be considered during tree planting so that the light feathers could develop deep roots. He said, "With this action, Live To Love contributes on perspective to the creation of a near-natural and climate-tolerant mixed forest here for the next generations in the next 200 years."

There are many reasons to plant a forest: Gianna Wabner, president of the foundation, described the great importance of the forest for human health. Quite a few renowned studies say that spending time in the forest strengthens the immune system, helps prevent psychological stress and thus diseases. In Japan, shinrin-yoku, or "forest bathing," has long been part of preventive health care. In 2012, a separate research branch for forest medicine was even established at Japanese universities. The good forest air contains many messenger substances from the plant kingdom, so-called terpenes. These stimulate the formation of defense cells in our blood and strengthen our immune system.

Further studies prove that operated patients recover faster and need less painkillers if they have the possibility to look into trees in the clinic.

© Agnes Forsthuber / Live To Love Germany

An absolutely good-humored team and perfect weather provided the best conditions. Full of joy to be able to do something meaningful in times of lockdown, adults, children and teenagers planted 1000 forest oaks within just a few hours.

Enthusiastic response from all sides:
Eva: "A deep experience for me - I plant a light feather tree, it takes maybe 10 minutes, and this still has an impact until 300 years from now - and so many have something from it: birds, insects and of course the oxygen for so many creatures." 

Ralf: "A lasting impression: almost 50 people planting concentrated at a distance on this huge area at the same time - four words come to mind: Together we are strong"

Barbara: "Trees are the connections between heaven and earth - and a symbol for life - planting 1000 of them...is pure joy of life."

Sabine: "Today I thought a lot about the nuns in the Himalayas, who are always busy planting trees, and I felt very connected, focused on a common goal."

Anke: "I was especially moved today by the mindfulness and awareness with which the children planted the trees."

Bettina, Gabor, Lily, Levante and Leonie: " We thank you for the great action, are completely inspired - this will carry us for a long time. We definitely want to participate again next time. At dinner, the theme was that giving is much more fun than receiving."

By the way: we will continue in April - then we will plant the next 1000 trees in Klövensteen.


March 21, 2021


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