Animal sanctuary Sol Luna - Animal love is program here in May 2021.

Actually, the operation was planned for Sunday - but the regulatory office had declared that handicraft activities in a larger team are not allowed during the Covid Lockdown on Sunday.
Teamlead Anja Wittenbernds spontaneously reorganized:
Therefore, a smaller team from North Rhine-Westphalia visited on Saturday the animal sanctuary Sol Luna e.V. for abandoned and abused animals, who live there under the loving care of Irmgard Gubitz - a real heart project!

A lot has happened since the move last fall - and there is still a lot to do: On the program today was the laying of the paddock slabs on the horse meadow. These plates, which are made of recycled plastic, are intended to serve as a foothold for the horses so that they do not slip on rain-soaked ground, get wet hooves and subsequently suffer hoof rot.

When some of the slabs were laid, however, it became apparent after a short time that the ground was too uneven in some places. Safety first for the animals: Now sand must first be ordered to fill and level the holes in the floor before the slabs can be laid. If the plates had been laid directly on the unevenness, they would fill up with rainwater over time and the horses would be standing with their hooves in the wet again - and nobody wants that !
So flexibility was again the order of the day. A super good exercise!

The Live To Love team moved to the pig run.
There was a lot of debris buried in the ground here - it was hidden under a sea of nettles; these were mowed and then the stones, garbage and other old debris were removed.
In the next few weeks, a nice area, where they can finally run around freely again, will be created in the small wooded area for the six pigs that live at Sol Luna. They had spent the winter months in the warm barn.

© Agnes Forsthuber / Live To Love Germany

Irmgard told about her favorite youngster Sybille - a domestic pig who is getting up in years and is being bullied by the other pigs.

In the meantime, Sybille has been given her own stall - and immediately made new social contacts: a rooster and a chicken have become her new loyal friends. Sybille grunts as soon as the food arrives for the two. In the evening, the two feathered ones lie down very close to Sybille - and all three sleep snuggled up close to each other until the next morning. A love story that moves the heart.

"The visit of Live To Love is a highlight for us every year, even if it unfortunately had to be a little smaller today and last year," says Irmgard Gubitz and has to smile about the fact that this great collaboration is actually only thanks to the two sheep Karl and Frodo.

Do you remember? Live To Love had saved the lives of both of them and found them a new home at Sol Luna.

Thank you for allowing us to experience once again how much love and care all animals receive. Sol Luna is a real role model for respectful and dignified treatment of animals. We were - as always - very happy to be with you and have taken away many moving impressions. See you next time!

May 15, 2021


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