Happy hours with our neighbors in May 2021

Gratitude and appreciation for knowing about one another and knowing each other:
On the nationwide "Day of Neighbors" Live To Love invited to a concert in the backyard of the Parkheim Foundation in Hamburg-Winterhude. The well-known musician Jansen Folkers played pieces from different genres and cultures on his violin and gave everyone both magical and moving moments!

The sounds immediately opened hearts: devotional and sweet - then again lively and swinging - we all experienced a time full of joy and lightness. Two ladies immediately began to dance, some had contemplative and others cheerful conversations over a piece of cake and, of course, kept their distance. Several seniors remained in their apartments for health reasons, opened the windows to witness in this way the concert and life in their backyard.

A team from RTL-Nord visited and filmed the Live To Love action for a report in the evening program for the "Day of the Neighbors".

At the same time, the Live To Love CARE team distributed bags with various attentions - here even telescopic poles were used to skillfully and safely transport the bags to the second floor - a situation that made many laugh. Humor is medicine.

© Agnes Forsthuber / Live To Love Germany

Many small surprises awaited the concert guests:

Homemade jam, 1 pot of parsley for the windowsill, food for a lentil soup incl. recipe and a self-knitted dishcloth. There was also a tied bouquet of Crataegus branches with grasses and roses. Crataegus is a well-known remedy for strengthening the heart.

Caring is more significant than ever at this time - it is the small gestures that have made us very aware over the past 13 months of how precious togetherness is in these times of pandemic. A flower, a dear greeting - it is so easy to cultivate a lively neighborhood that is borne of kindness.

We thank Jansen Folkers from the bottom of our hearts for his wonderful performance - his remarkable artistic talent made us all very happy - this afternoon still resonates like the melodies of his performances.

May 28, 2021


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