World Environment Day - collecting plastic waste in many different places in June 2021.

Cleaning the forest and nature from plastic waste: Today on World Environment Day, Live To Love teams collected plastic waste at multiple locations and in three federal states simultaneously.
Coffee-To-Go cups, masks, bottles and cans were at the top of the found list - in Hamburg-Bramfeld simply thrown into densely grown wild grasses, nettles and brambles.

Here, the team even found a piece of roof and a plastic cover. Two years ago, a local mini-tornado in Bramfeld had unroofed many arbors in the allotment settlement. Perhaps this was a remnant of it.

Whether Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein or North Rhine-Westphalia - the loosening up and the good weather naturally attracted many people outside - unfortunately some also forgot to collect their garbage or else the set up garbage cans could no longer hold the volume of garbage, as for example in the Hamburg city park. On the meadows lay also again and again broken glass, which we collected.

© Agnes Forsthuber / Live To Love Germany

In North Rhine-Westphalia, Live To Love activists encountered a great deal of packaging waste, such as aluminum foil and Styrofoam balls, along the Dortmund-Ems Canal. Also places were visited, at which truck drivers made break, here particularly cigarette butts polluted nature.

They are life-threatening, especially for birds, and contaminate the soil and groundwater with their poison. Some acquaintances in the area of Eutin in Schleswig-Holstein, spontaneously joined our Live To Love action - they also made an important contribution.
Collecting garbage is fun, especially in the awareness of caring for the preservation of nature and the health of all living beings. After all, our health depends on Mother Earth.

Live To Love - Love is action. We stay with it.

Sincere THANK YOU to everyone who enthusiastically participated today.


June 5, 2021



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