Respectful encounters in Hamburg in July 2021

Live To Love-CARE: in the name of humanity.
When delivering the bags as part of the CARE initiative, conversations often develop with the older people in which they look back on their lives and tell us what means the most to them.

This week, we met a man in Winterhude who had been washing trucks for decades - his dream job, as he told us with shining eyes. For him, it was very fulfilling to have conversations with drivers who, after driving hundreds of miles, were happy to finally exchange a few words with someone again.

Many thanked him with a hand salute behind the windshield after the wash as they left - for the encounter and the clean truck.

A woman for whom her husband means everything and who is completely absorbed in her caring love: he currently requires dialysis at night. To save him a stay in the clinic, she has learned how to use the computer to help clean his kidneys.

© Agnes Forsthuber / Live To Love Germany

Another senior was very happy to receive the homemade jam and leeks in the bags - she loves nature's treasures - and tells how much she enjoys admiring everything that grows and blossoms in her neighborhood.

This time, in addition to dried organic peppermint, the bags also contained an information sheet about the ingredients and effects of this ancient medicinal herb - delighted, one woman said, "Now I know how healthy it is."

A Live To Love member works as a caregiver for the elderly, he knows about the often depressing loneliness of people, many of whom no longer have a family - and experiences his work as very fulfilling. He also delivered CARE bags again this week.

In addition, a Live To Love team visited the homeless in downtown Hamburg. One man sat in a wheelchair with inflamed legs and talked about his life as a rocker - the brief exchange distracted him, he said, from the pain on many levels.

The homemade dog food, gratefully received by a homeless man for his two dogs, also met with a great response.

CARE - and happiness lights up every day!

July 9, 2021


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