Planting trees makes you happy! August 2021

3 Walnut Trees for Hamburg - Bike Tour - Northern Route. For a long time we have planned to visit the already planted trees with all team leads and enjoy a small celebration afterwards.

Since the route to all planting locations in Hamburg has meanwhile taken on a considerable size, we decided to divide the tours according to the 4 cardinal directions. 

On August 14, the time had finally come: we started a bike tour of several hours through the north of Hamburg. The weather was perfect and our mood was carried by great joy. Cycling is really great and in a team an inspiring and lively source of strength!

In 2018, the Gyalwang Drukpa, as founder of the international secular network Live To Love, personally planted some trees in Hamburg's soil.
This happened on a special occasion and represents a great honor and shining example!

The elm tree at the Osterbek in Bramfeld, which the Gyalwang Drukpa planted first, has grown big and shows many special features. The trunk and the bark are very even and the crown is of special beauty. As a tribute to the Gyalwang Drukpa and his tireless efforts to protect the environment, the earth and all beings that live on and from it, we decorated this elm tree.
This gave the day a very celebratory mood of gratitude.

© Agnes Forsthuber / Live To Love Germany

In the district of Hummelsbüttel we planted the 3 announced walnut trees. In the green belt of a residential area, they have ideal conditions to grow and flourish well. Although only 6 years old, they are already bearing their first nuts. These are a valuable source of food for animals and humans.
Our route then continued to the black poplar on the Seebek, the tree - which we planted in the ground eleven years ago in cooperation with NABU.

© Agnes Forsthuber / Live To Love Germany

The meadow orchard at the Appelhofweiher, where we planted apple trees and created 2 flower meadows for insects, was a special joy.
The meadow orchard has become a lush habitat. The trees already bear many fruits and promise a rich harvest. The flower meadows have developed into valuable biotopes.

Our bike tour continued through the Ohlsdorf cemetery, where we planted 9 elms. This place is the largest and one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the world and definitely represents a completely separate world "within this world".

A spiritual space of silence, established equality & diversity of religious cultures, the highest landscape architecture and art in general. So many wonderful sculptures adorn the many areas. Ancient and rare tree species provide shade, beauty and spaces for contemplation. Very moving!
We passed through many different neighborhoods where different lifestyles and schemes of life are manifested. Rich and poor are often so close and sometimes the boundaries dissolve almost imperceptibly or even merge.

We dedicated the evening with a celebration of our grown relationships, the wonderful encounters and successes that have come out of now 14 years of Live To Love grassroots campaigns in Germany.

© Agnes Forsthuber / Live To Love Germany

We enjoyed colorful and delicious vegetarian and vegan food, as well as the relaxed and happy get-together very much.
We are all incredibly grateful for this richness of all experiences, the many insights into different living environments, the grown understanding of contexts and the learning of many new skills.

In September, we will continue with joy. We are looking forward to the 4th Elbe beach campaign with the Live To Love pirates and a big plastic waste collection campaign to which everyone is already cordially invited.

August 14, 2021


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