CARE - Aktion for refugee women and children - September 2021.

It's the simple games that are the most fun:
And certainly French Elastic and jump ropes are among them.

Unfortunately, they've been all but forgotten. But you can easily revive them.
Do you remember? For hours you and your friends would jump between the taut bands or try to step on them with your feet. This is where dexterity, sense of rhythm and body control are most important.

Or one tried with the jump rope to top the number of jumps again and again. This play utensil promotes coordination, the security of movements, stability, endurance and strength. Who jumps, trains all muscle groups, but especially the cardiovascular system.
Both – French Elastic and skipping rope - belonged this time in the CARE bags that a Live To Love team brought to a refugee shelter in Hamburg. Currently, 50 women and their children from Afghanistan, Macedonia, Serbia, Malaysia and many other countries live here.
They all come from political or family backgrounds where they have experienced violence and now need special protection and care. For the children from the different cultures, French Elastic was something new that first had to be discovered. Language barriers were broken down by doing and trying things out.

© Agnes Forsthuber / Live To Love Germany

With shining eyes and quiet joy, the women picked up knitted goods that had been put together in an extra basket: Crawling blankets for the little ones, bed shoes and much more. A woman from Werlte in Westphalia had made these knitted goods full of devotion during the Covid lockdown especially for this visit.
An elderly refugee woman asked us to call a friend who could speak German, to whom we explained how to make a foot bath with lemon oil.

Melike Köylüce from Fördern & Wohnen had organized everything in the best possible way under the hygiene conditions currently in force: Each woman received a slip of paper with a number assigned to an age on a list - so it was easy to distribute the appropriately assembled contents in the bags.

The women feel very comfortable in this accommodation and are extremely self-sufficient in organizing their lives in Hamburg. In the run-up to the opening, the neighborhood had thought about what the small families might need - a school, for example, donated a whiteboard with equipment.
Being for each other and with each other - sharing what one has - and already encounters arise that make many happy.

THANK YOU for the warm welcome and the fulfilling moments! We admire your work, which you dedicate completely to the welfare of women and children.

September 12, 2021


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