Every tree counts! Tree planting in Lurup in October 2020

Every single tree counts for climate protection and clean air: After the large tree planting at the Hahnenkoppel forest last week, we were excited and set off with anticipation for the next campaign.On Sunday in the Hamburg-Lurup, we planted more trees - three lime trees and three elms, donated by the Fielmann AG - in the grounds  near the Lurup Drift / corner of Blomkamp.

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Live To Love CARE campaign in October 2020

The Covid crisis has significantly aggravated the situation of the homeless on Hamburg's streets: During our CARE action today we learned that there are many more homeless people in Hamburg since a few weeks than at the beginning of the crisis. 

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Treeplanting in the Hahnenkoppel Forest - October 2020

Originally 1000 trees were planned, but thanks to the excellent preparation of the district forester, everything went so easily that we actually planted 1872 beech saplings.What a fulfilling day in the Hahnenkoppel forest near Reinbek! In just a few hours, a Live To Love team, placed the saplings in pre-drilled holes, carefully covered the root balls with earth and pressing it firmly afterwards – all in compliance with the current hygiene and protection safety measures.

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