CARE - Actions in Westphalia and Hamburg create closeness - despite distance in January 2021

After the Christmas action in Westphalia at the mother-child house Kataluma, the CARE team went again to mothers and children, who are able to live alone again after an intensive support by the specialists in Kataluma. They will receive support from the evangelical youth welfare for a while.
The self-sewn crackle bags, stuffed animals and socks for the children, body lotions for the mothers, ginger and lemon - to strengthen the immune system, carrots, tangerines, oranges and chocolate and of course masks - delighted the small and large residents very much.

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Love is action - on Hamburg's streets - December 2020

"Love is action - it is awareness, it is respect, it is freedom of judgment, it is mindfulness, it is the gestures that come from the center of our hearts when we relate to people in need of our love. It's the simplicity and it's the joy of helping and being there for each other." ~ Gianna Wabner

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Giving Love - Advent Calendar in November 2020

The Advent season is just around the corner. And with every candle lit on every Sunday in December, Christmas, commonly known as the Feast of Love, is drawing nearer. For many seniors, the time is overshadowed this year by the tightened lockdown measures - many suffer far more from loneliness than in spring.

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A new home for 69 animals - October 2020

Only two months left until the move of animal sancturay Sol Luna e.V. in Rietberg-Mastholte! And there is a lot to do on the new premises.
This weekend the Live To Love team made its way to North Rhine-Westphalia to actively support Irmgard Gubitz and her team in preparing the new home for the 69 animals.
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