Water for Leh

Please help to realize an important storage reservoir in Leh (Ladakh), to provide water for almost 8000 people. The project is an exceptionally important contribution for peace in this significant Himalaya region and helps to secure the existence of the population

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Tree planting

After a devastating mudslide in Ladakh had destroyed the life of many in 2010, there have been over 150.000 trees planted since (2010 and 2012) with busy participation of the local people.

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Help us - Help Nepal!

Two years after the severe earthquake in Nepal, many villages are still destroyed. The infrastructure is in poor condition. Many people in the affected areas live in provisional wooden and corrugated huts - without electricity, water and toilet. Live To Love Germany helps to raise funds for reconstruction - especially for earthquake-proof community houses.

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Eye Camps in the Himalaya

In third world countries cataract is the most widely spread cause for blindness, which for individuals as well as whole families implies leading a life of poverty. Modern surgery and a lot of voluntary commitment have brought back the light for countless people.

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Druk Padma Karpo School

Being an architectural masterpiece, the school building makes usage of natural resources in combination with sustainable design. The curriculum unites the roots in the Ladakhi culture and a modern education for a broad spectrum of future possibilities of its students.

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Dog rescue

Live To Rescue is a new animal protection project in Ladakh/India, which concerns the serious problem of stray dogs in Ladakh/India and prevents their mass killings.

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