Our projects in Germany

In Hamburg and in various other federal states Live To Love actions take place on a regular basis.

Since 2007 we take care of homeless people in Hamburg, bringing food, clothing, and medical aid. We are committed in the refugee relief and offer a respectful welcome in reception centers.

Further we support the NABU with planting an apple orchard. The future fruits of every tree are freely available for all residents of the neighborhood, all walkers and animals. We clean parks, lakes and woods from waste and have initiated education programms on plastic, which we implement in schools, child-oriented and appropriate to age.

With sponsorships for animals and fodder-donations we support animal sanctuaries in Schleswig-Holstein and Nordrhein-Westfalen.

Not wanting to indoctrinate we just simply want  to go ahead with practical examples. So far even the smallest Grassroot action at the end was crowned with happiness and joy. Affecting the climate positively and avoiding plastic for example already starts with personal shopping.  It is quite easy to implement aspects of Live To Love such as environmental protection, aid for fellow human beings and animals etc. in everyday life. To quote the Gyalwang Drukpa: "Just do it - live to love!“

An overview of the actions with many photos of the projects can be found here in the actionreports.



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